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Check if your venue has BS 8901

BS 8901 is the British Standard for Sustainable Event Management and is now becoming very relevant to the  many important environmental issues that venues should be addressing.

It covers the following:

– Event Organisers or individuals involved in overall co-ordination of the event.

– Event venues including hotels, convention centres and sports venues.

– Suppliers and contractors of key activities relating to the events industry.

– Industry associations and councils.

BS 8901 also offers the following commercial benefits:

– Provides assurance to stakeholders, customers and anyone else involved that the event has been planned and implemented in a sustainable manner.

– Helps differentiate an organisation from its compeitors, helping to win new business, improving reputation and brand image.

– Helps reduce carbon emissions and waste and improve resource efficiency of the entire event supply chain.

So when booking a venue, ask what their environmental policy is and lets help educate others. 


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