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How to complain

When you have had a bad experience at your conference or event, then don’t hesitate to tell the venue about it, preferably when you are there, not afterwards.

– Complain as soon as possible.

– Talk to the right person, the more senior the better – The Conference Manager or Event Organiser.

– Identify the problem clearly and show them what did or did not happen and what impact it had on the success of the event and the delegates.

– Explain what you want done to rectify the problem.

– Take notes of any meetings or discussions with members of staff.

– Ask the venue how they are going to resolve the problem and what compensation they are going to offer.

– Make sure what has been agreed is carried out.

– Get all the details of who is in charge – The General Manager – Where Head Office is and when you will expect a reply to all the concerns raised.

At the same time give praise when praise is due………..

Have a good one.


Venue Plus